Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing Due to the mass production capacity created in the company at different stages, it is possible to provide production services in the form of contract production for companies producing active pharmaceutical substances. This type of cooperation is provided for production in the scales of 1 to 1000 kg.

Solvent recycling

Solvent recycling Since most solvents are imported and account for a large amount of drug currency, so their recycling in a way that can be used in this industry (pharmaceutical pharmacopoeias) is one of the priorities of the country’s pharmaceutical industry. In addition, the environmental requirements in relation to their disposal are very strict and […]

Waste Management

Waste Management Since the waste of pharmaceutical and chemical raw material production lines is very harmful and dangerous for the environment, so all the waste of pharmaceutical raw material production lines is managed by using expert consultants in this field and the required specialized equipment such as recovery tower. , Modern waste incinerator, recycling ponds […]